correlation score

correlation score
степень корреляции

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  • Correlation does not imply causation — (related to ignoring a common cause and questionable cause) is a phrase used in science and statistics to emphasize that correlation between two variables does not automatically imply that one causes the other (though correlation is necessary for …   Wikipedia

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  • Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient — In statistics, the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient (sometimes referred to as the MCV or PMCC, and typically denoted by r ) is a common measure of the correlation between two variables X and Y . In accordance with the usual… …   Wikipedia

  • Spearman's rank correlation coefficient — In statistics, Spearman s rank correlation coefficient or Spearman s rho, named after Charles Spearman and often denoted by the Greek letter ho (rho) or as r s, is a non parametric measure of correlation ndash; that is, it assesses how well an… …   Wikipedia

  • Point-biserial correlation coefficient — The point biserial correlation coefficient ( rpb ) is a correlation coefficient used when one variable (e.g. Y ) is dichotomous; Y can either be naturally dichotomous, like gender, or an artificially dichotomized variable. In most situations it… …   Wikipedia

  • Matthews correlation coefficient — The Matthews correlation coefficient is used in machine learning as a measure of the quality of binary (two class) classifications. It takes into account true and false positives and negatives and is generally regarded as a balanced measure which …   Wikipedia

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